Program Schedule

Revised July 21, 2014

Cinema Bomar Wakes Up

A year or so ago Cinema Bomar went into hibernation for the summer. Sure, there were vague plans for some sort of non-public “parties”, but that of course never happened. And somehow the hibernation went on and on until damn! Here it is summer again.

But unlike summers past, this year we have on offer a genuine air-conditioned mosquito free venue, thanks to Cressandra Thibodeaux and 14 Pews (800 Aurora St Houston 77009)

On August 31, 2014 from 3 to 5 PM we will present the first in a series of programs grouped around various categories of stories, as detailed below. Subsequent screenings will be every 3 months. As always, Cinema Bomar screenings are FREE but a small donation to 14 Pews would be a gracious way to express your appreciation.

We will begin with Program A : Office Stories, because I'm pretty sure I know where those films are. At the end of the program the audience may vote on which of the subsequent programs they wish to see next. Subsequent show dates (subject to change) : Nov. 4, 2014; February 10, 2015; May 5, 2015; August 4, 2015;Nov. 10, 2015

Program A: Office Stories

Everything Looks So Normal 1983 : The boss is perplexed by his falling productivity. Well, no wonder! Half the employees are getting high, stealing stuff, and running over the straight ones with forklifts. Filmed in Oil-Boom Era Houston!

Office Practice: Your Attitude 1972 : You may not be the best employee in the office to begin with, but with a little spunk and hard work you could end up with a brand new calculator on your desk.

Successful Secretary 1964 : Featuring “Mr. Typewriter”, whose didactic adventures with wickerwork women are sure to improve your efficiency in in the office.

File it Under Falls, Miss King : An office safety film with a twist - and a great 70's soundtrack.

Program B: False Stories

Case History of a Rumor 1964 : In the days before cable TV and internet, right-wing conspiracy nuts were forced to spread their tales of the imminent occupation of America by“barefoot Congolese troops” under the U. N. flag by good old U. S. mail.

Shortchanged! 1960s : Evil shortchange artists are fanning across America victimizing unsuspecting cashiers. Learn how their tricks work so YOUR till isn't short at the end of the day.

The Big Test 1980 : General Motors documentary showing us how GM brings space-age technology to all aspects of the automotive quality control process, yet still manages to produce some of the worst cars in American history.

The Audition 1970s : Actor in empty theater is auditioned by a disembodied voice and found wanting.

Program C: What's the real story?

Watch Your Step 1974 : A deserted subway, a fat man, a vacuum cleaner and an escalator to nowhere in a film seemingly designed to make teenagers even more suicidal than they already are.

Staying at a Motel 1960s : A film about staying at a motel that is actually more about something else

The Psychological Differences Between the Sexes 1964 : Or might one say, The Battle of the Stubble?

Toes Tell 1969 : "... allows boys and girls to talk and write about their feet and how things feel to their toes." With just that touch of eroticism that is so important in reaching the elementary school student.

Program D: Loner Stories

Bate's Car : Sweet as a Nut 1975 : The story of inventor Harold Bate and his quest to build a car fueled by chicken manure.

Castle Man 1976 : Having returned from World War 1 and in despair at the fallen state of America, Harry D. Andrews formed a League of Knights with local church youths and spent the next 50 years of his life constructing a vast castle in Ohio, stone by stone. At 89, he's still not quite finished.

Hush, Hoggies, Hush! Tom Johnson's Praying Pigs 1978 : When you're poor as dirt and time lays heavy on your hands, what better way to spend it than teaching the livestock to respect the Lord?

Slab City : A 1982 documentary about disaffected retiree semi-communards living free on an abandoned military base in the California desert.

Program E : Bitter Sixties Stories

No Lies 1968(?) : What seems at first to be a simple documentary film-making project takes an intrusive turn

Less Than Human 1969 : Using images of third and first world poverty, disease, slums, riots and police violence set against the backdrop of a kitchen debate between two wine swilling white people, this crudely effective pseudo-documentary warns that unless the prosperous themselves embrace the population control principles they so gladly espouse to the poor the inevitable result will be death, despair and fascism.

This is the Official Statement of the Youth International Party 1968 : A bemusing mash-up of D.W. Griffith and the Chicago riots, with the pig who ran for president and mayor Richard Daley proudly proclaiming “The police are not here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder.”

Jump! 1970s : Come along to the dreariest pot party ever. But whaddaya expect? It's New Jersey. "Here man, take this acid. I made it myself!"